Seller – SIA “TAILORRIGA” unified registration number – 40203071173, legal address – Riga, Krisjana Valdemara street 93 – 1, LV-1013, Latvia, actual address Riga, Krisjana Valdemara street 93 – 1, LV-1013, Latvia, Riga, phone – +371 25259523, e-mail – [email protected]
Consumer – a natural or legal person who expresses a wish to purchase, purchase or could purchase a product or use a service for a purpose that is not directly related to its business;
Buyer – a person who purchases goods in the Seller’s online store. The Buyer can be both a Consumer and a non-Consumer;
Product – any thing that the Seller offers or sells to the Consumer using this site;
Manufacturer – a person who, during his or her economic or professional activity, manufactures or renews a product for sale or presents himself or herself as a Manufacturer, indicating (marking) on ​​the product or its packaging or technical passport. his name (trade name), name, surname, trademark or other distinguishing mark;
Normative acts – Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 May 2014 No. 255 “Regulations on Distance Contracts”, Consumer Rights Protection Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and other binding regulatory enactments.
Warranty – a statement by the manufacturer, seller or service provider that the product or service or its component will maintain usability, safety and performance for a certain period of time, and the manufacturer, seller or service provider assumes additional obligations not provided for in this Law and other regulatory enactments;
Terms of Use – the instructions of the Manufacturer or the Seller, according to which the Product retains the properties of use (use) and the appropriate quality, as well as does not endanger the property, health, life or environment of the Consumer;
Prices – the final price of the Goods listed on the Site, including taxes and fees for which the Seller sells the Goods through this Site. The price does not include the fee for delivery of the Product;
Website— Seller’s website;
Parties – seller and buyer.
General Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions (General Terms and Conditions of the Site).

The main rules
1.1. These terms and conditions determine the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.
1.2. Please read these terms of use carefully before using the site.
1.3. By starting to use the site, the user agrees to abide by these Terms.
1.4. Seller may partially, completely delete, change, supplement the information on the Site without prior notice.
1.5. The images and description of the respective product may differ slightly from the offered Product.
1.6. By agreeing to these terms, the Customer agrees to the transfer of his personal data to the Seller. The seller is the controller of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Seller has the right to process the Customer’s personal data in order to implement its services or concluded contracts, maintain customer records, offer, provide and maintain its services, exercise and protect the Seller’s rights and legal interests to fulfill contractual obligations, fulfill obligations specified in regulatory enactments. The Seller has the right to obtain personal data from third parties, as well as to transfer to third parties within the framework of its contractual obligations, observing the objectives specified in these Regulations in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments to implement its services or legitimate requests.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal
2.1. The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days and unilaterally withdraw from the Product, covering the delivery costs, in accordance with regulatory enactments.
2.2. Number of terms for exercising the right of withdrawal from the date of delivery of the Product – if one Product has been ordered; from the last day of delivery of the Goods – if several Goods are included in the order; from the last day of delivery of the goods or part of the goods – if the delivery is to be made in parts or parts.
2.3. Exercising the right of withdrawal means notifying the Buyer of the withdrawal from the Product and submitting or sending it to the Seller.
2.4. For the notice of withdrawal, the Consumer may use the withdrawal form provided by the Seller or another free-form withdrawal notice, in which the Consumer must indicate:
Consignee (Seller’s name, actual address, telephone number, e-mail address)

“I declare that I wish to refuse the purchase of such a product”
Order date / date of receipt
Name and surname of the consumer
Consumer address
Consumer signature (only if this form is sent on paper)

2.5. The returned product must be delivered to the Consumer at Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 93 – 1, LV-1013, Latvia, and it must be in full set.
2.6. Exercise the right